Quail Publications

Text Box: A selection of publications about southwestern quail authored or co-authored by Jim Heffelfinger


shed antler drawing by Randall Babb


Heffelfinger, J.R.  1994.  The ways and means of Mearns’ quail managementQuail Unlimited Magazine.  July/August issue.


Heffelfinger, J.R. and G.L. Perry. 1995.  Small game for small hunters.  Ariz. Wildl. Views.  December issue. 


Heffelfinger, J.R.  1996.  "Gambeling" in the desertQuail Unlimited Magazine. Jan/Feb issue.


Heffelfinger, J. R., and R. J. Olding.  1997.  Montezuma quail management in Arizona.  Pages 183-190 in L. A. Brennan, W. E. Palmer, L. W. Burger, and T. L. Pruden editors, Quail IV: Proceedings of the fourth national quail symposium, Tall Timbers Research Station, Tallahassee, Florida.


Heffelfinger, J. R., F. S. Guthery, R. J. Olding, C. L. Cochran, and C. McMullen.  1999.  Influence of precipitation timing and summer temperatures on Gambel's quail reproduction.  Journal of Wildlife Management 63:154-161.