“Deer of the Southwest is a great place to obtain information and its organization allows easy access to topics of interest.  This is certainly a book for the lay public as much as for wildlifers.”  Dr. Paul Krausman, Professor, University of Arizona.  Journal of Wildlife Management 71:1745. (July 2007).


“The book marks an important step in understanding American wildlife and makes its author one of the most authoritative specialists on knowledge and management of deer in the American Southwest.  Its style is easy and pleasant and the book can be easily read by the scientist as well as all non-specialists.”   Andrea Valli, France, August 17, 2007.


I am not an avid reader but I can't put your book down. It is packed with great info and facts that I would have never thought about and on the other hand some things that you are always told that are not true. Makes me mad I had it in my desk since last Christmas and am just now reading it. 2/3 rds done in 2 days is pretty good for me. Just had to get a cold to sit down and read it.”   Vince Bishop, Payson, AZ, January 2, 2008,


“This is a book every hunter and deer enthusiast should own.  It is easy to read and Jim doesn’t bore you with all the latin terminology that just confuses the average guy.  This is a go to book if you have any questions about the Deer of the Southwest (or mule deer and whitetails in general).  Deer of the Southwest is now in my library right next to books like Mule Deer and Black-tailed Deer of North America” by O.C. Wallmo and Mule Deer Country by Valerius Geist.”  Steve Alderman, Founder of “Mule Deer Country.”  www.muledeercountry.com



Coues whitetail photo by Tom WhettenDeer of the Southwest

Tom Whetten